Our story

Who we are
The jewellery we create is inspired by nature in all its beauty. We've started in 2012 by designing the Tiger butterfly and it was an instant success. When we saw how loved our jewellery is, we've continue to develop new designs, using new techniques, crystals and pushing our creativity further. All our pieces are both designed and crafted by hand in our workshop in England. We are a small family-run business and we try to source our supplies locally, as much as possible. In 2013, we were proud to become a member of the British Jewellers' Association, a prestigious trade association, with each we've been a part of for 4 years.

We are producing innovative pieces that are unique by being see-through and light, but with vibrant colours which make them stand out. The butterflies, leaves, feathers and flowers are life-like and detailed. The jewellery has a contemporary feel due to its organic colours. We also use different techniques, like coating the jewellery with special water-based varnishes to achieve that natural look. Our collections also include stylish fans, planets and spider on his web, very modern designs that are sought after.

The metal parts of the jewellery pieces are Stainless Steel. That means they are hypoallergenic and long lasting.

Our inspiration
Our jewellery is inspired by nature in all its beauty. Our collections of butterflies, leaves, feathers, and flowers are very realistic, capturing nature’s essence. The vibrant colours you enjoy in the woods and outdoors can now be seen and felt through our jewellery.

Diverse colours and textures in the surrounding environment inspired us to also design a collection of fans, while our Planets collection brings a modern and original twist to our jewellery palette.

We do take bespoke and custom designs. Sometimes these custom designs become part of our collection, to the delight of the customer ordering that particular design.

All Acdria pieces come beautifully gift wrapped in our branded boxes. The boxes are made by our supplier in their factory in United Kingdom, using mainly recycled paper. As not all the box can be made from recycled paper, the cardboard that is not recycled is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

The cardboard box is widely recyclable in the United Kingdom. Discard the foam and recycle the cardboard.

Quality Guarantee
We put all the care in making our jewellery and we test every piece to make sure they are the highest quality. Above and beyond, we offer a 6 months guarantee.
In the highly unlikely event that there is a problem with a piece, you are more than welcome to send us an email. We are happy to replace it, at no extra delivery cost.