/Instagram Highlights – April

Instagram Highlights – April

Welcome to the next update on the Instagram highlights. Today I’m sharing the best liked pictures in April.

Instagram Highlights - April

From top left to bottom right, the items you, our followers, liked the best were:
1. Ulysses earrings, on blue. We have matching necklace and brooch in the range. Also available on red.
2. Saturn earrings, small and delicate.
3. Monarch butterfly earrings, on green, life-like, but all man-made.
4. British rose fan pin. It is a new design launched a few months ago.
5. Peacock feather earrings, shaped by hand, without using moulds.
6. Red and black pansy stud earrings, another one of the new colours launched this year. It is available as earrings, necklace, and brooch as well.
7. Pink gerbera brooch, is lovely and sweet.
8. Blue butterflies are always popular because they look so delicate and life-like. This is from our Divalis range. Earrings and pin available as well.
9. The last piece of jewellery best liked was a black and transparent pair of butterfly earrings.

Hope you’ll check again next month to see the highlights for May.