/Thistle bangle

Thistle bangle

We are delighted to launch a new collection Thistle, starting with a gorgeous bangle. We are now working on making at least matching earrings and a necklace and maybe even expanding the range a bit further.

Thistle bangle

We like the thistles, it is so beautiful and it has wonderful purple and pinks colours. While doing a bit of research regarding the thistle, we’ve discovered the beautiful Scottish legend about the thistle. The legend goes that, in the 9th century, the Vikings were doing one of their raids in British Isles, and they arrived in Scotland. In an attempt to get to where the Scots were camping without being detected, they decided to walk barefoot, at night time. Without being able to see properly, one of the Vikings stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain. That shout wake up the Scots that were sleeping nearby and they mobilized their fighters. In the end, the Scots would win the fight and this is how the thistle would become the national flower of Scotland. Of course, it is a story and no records of this happening exist, but it’s a lovely story none the less.

We planned to make this design for a while and we had everything ready for creating the design when we’ve received a special order for a Scottish Thistle bangle. That gave us the push we needed in creating the design now and not later in the year.

Thistle bangle, close up

As you might already know, our bangles are entirely made by hand and shaped without moulds. That means each is slightly different and unique. We only create one size. The interior of the bangle is of 6.7 cm. The outside of the bangle is 7.2cm. The bangle slides on the hand.

You can get yours from our website. The thistle bangle is £36 and there is free shipping for our customers from the United Kingdom.