/Instagram Highlights – May

Instagram Highlights – May

Welcome to the newest post, highlights from May. As usual, I picked the 9 best liked pictures to showcase them in this post. As before, there isn’t a theme, as leaves, butterflies, flowers, and feathers make it into the best liked posts on Instagram in May.

May. Collage with pictures

From top left to bottom right, the items you, our followers, liked the best were:
1. Banana leaf with ladybug detail. The earrings stand out because one of them has the ladybug and the other doesn’t. It’s something customers comment on.
2. Peacock butterfly earrings, a British butterfly that inspired us to create this gorgeous piece of jewellery.
3. The tiger butterfly necklace, on purple. This is the first design, still loved after almost 8 years.
4. Forget me not necklace, a delicate and minimalist design that is well loved.
5. Jupiter earrings, one of the most unusual ranges we have, but very much appreciated.
6. Dark ivy necklace, the larger of the two we have in our range. It’s another one of our oldest designs and that is just as appreciated today as it was when we launched it.
7. Athalia butterfly pin, one of our newest designs. It is a gorgeous pin to wear, the back is barely visible. It is inspired by a real butterfly, like all the other butterfly designs we have.
8. Small peacock feather earrings in a less known colour, purple. These delicate little earrings are a delight to wear.
9. Pansy brooch, on pink, one of 6 colour combinations we have in our collections.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little update and, hopefully, you’ll be back next month with to see the highlights.