/Instagram Highlights – March

Instagram Highlights – March

We think it would be nice to share the most liked pictures on Instagram in the previous month. So these are the Instagram highlights for March.

Instagram highlights - March

From top left to bottom right, the items you, our followers, liked the best were:
1. Earth necklace. It is a different and unique design, we also have matching earrings in the range.
2. Forget me not earrings, a very cute pair of earrings that would make a wonderful gift.
3. Ulysses butterfly necklace, on blue, life-like, but all man-made.
4. Blue Morpho one butterfly earrings, on red, a vibrant pair of earrings. These will make you stand out.
5. Victorian fan necklace. This purple necklace is inspired by Victorian lace and made in the shape of a fan, using lots of details, like shadows to make it so realistic.
6. Amaryllis necklace, on red. It is made to look exactly like an Amaryllis, but in a much smaller size. It keeps its characteristic details, but it is a more delicate piece of jewellery.
7. Tiger butterfly big earrings, on light baby blue. These earrings are making a statement. The design is called tiger, as that is the name of the butterfly that inspired us in creating this wonderful piece.
8. Common Blue butterfly earrings. The common blue, is as the name suggests, one of the most common butterflies in United Kingdom. It is so easily recognisable. We made them much larger than the butterfly, because we wanted to show off all the details and because we also feel it is a better size for a butterfly that has a lighter colour. It needs to stand out.
9. Our brand new Thistle bangle, launched last month. We are so happy our newest design received many likes and that it got into the best 9 of the month. We plan to launch a few items in this range, including earrings and necklaces.

Hope you’ll check again next month to see the highlights for April.