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Butterfly Studs

The product in the spotlight this month is the new butterfly studs in our Blue Morpho range. We already have studs in the Blue Morpho range, the wing studs, and they will continue to be available.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Studs

These new studs are available in the same colours as the rest of the range: blue, orange, red, purple, and teal. We’ve received amazing feedback on them, as orders started to come in. Blue Morpho is one of the first ranges we’ve made and they have been loved over the years. We are expecting that the new studs will prove to be just as popular.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Studs Blue in Hand

The studs are not small. As the rest of the range, they are bold, and make a statement. But, at the same time, because they are transparent and natural looking, these pieces of jewellery are appropriate to wear even at a more traditional-style office.

Details on Blue Morpho Butterfly Studs:

Size: 1.8 cm x 1.6 cm
Stainless steel posts
Comes in our lovely branded jewellery boxes

You can get your pair from here.