/Chrysanthemum’s new colour

Chrysanthemum’s new colour

Welcome to our blog. Today we are going to talk about the new colour for one of our established ranges: Chrysanthemum. These flowers have a very special meaning for our designer and she agreed to let me share it with you. For her birthday, many years ago, she received a bunch of Chrysanthemums from her boyfriend, it was the first bunch of flowers she received from him, as they only starting dating. Now they are married and Chrysanthemums are important for them. Knowing this, it must be no wonder that we have these beautiful flowers in our collection.

Chrysanthemum's new colour

We launched the Chrysanthemum range back in 2016 and it proved to be liked by many of our customers. Therefore, in January we’ve expanded the range with this unusual new colour: Blue. As with the dark pink option, the blue one is just as vibrant. Unlike the delicate ethereal feel of a forget-me-not flower, the Chrysanthemums are strong and long lasting flowers and we’ve captured that aspect by using strong bold colours for them.

Chrysanthemum's and the new colour

Chrysanthemums are said to symbolize optimism and joy. Also, they are considered the November birth flower, probably due to their natural flowering time. They have a few other meanings, as the 13th wedding anniversary flower, the official flower of the city of Chicago. Chrysanthemums are celebrated every year in Japan with a “Festival of Happiness”.
All flowers have all sort of special meanings and interesting stories attached to them. Regardless if you are interested in these sort of special meanings or not, the flowers still look beautiful and would make a perfect gift (including for yourself).

Do you like Chrysanthemums? If you fancy getting one for yourself or a loved one, have a look on our retail website for more details about our flower jewellery.