/Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery

Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery

Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery, this is our newest design. A couple of months ago we were asked by one of our customers if we can make common blue butterfly jewellery. We’ve accepted the challenge and we’ve created this new butterfly design. We’ve tried different sizes and decided to add it to our collection as earrings, necklace, and brooch.

Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery. Brooch

The Common Blue Butterfly is, like its name suggests, common throughout the British Isles. They can be seen all summer, from May to September. Their environment is varied, and you might be able to spot them in grassland, meadows, grassy dunes, woodland, and heaths. The design we’ve created was inspired by the well know common blue butterfly, that is the male. The female is gray.
It’s likely one of the best known British butterflies, because, luckily, their numbers are high and we are able to spot them on our walks in the countryside. It’s a beautiful butterfly.

Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery. Earrings

The butterfly wingspan is smaller than that of the earrings. We felt a bigger size will make the pieces of jewellery stand out more. Furthermore, it would be in line with our other designs, as the new Common Blue Butterfly jewellery is now part of our steel collection. The necklace and brooch are almost twice the size of the real butterfly, at around 6 cm. Of course, we could do that because we are recreating the butterflies using man-made materials, and not using real butterflies.

Common Blue Butterfly Jewellery. Necklace

Our customer wanted specifically this butterfly because it is British and it was meant as a present for a very special occasion. We were delighted to be able to create exactly what she wanted. It’s a lovely reminder of that the jewellery we make can mean a bit more to our customers. We also feel very privileged every time a customer shares their story with us.

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