/How to chose the perfect Christmas gift

How to chose the perfect Christmas gift

We think everybody who celebrates Christmas is wondering How to chose the perfect Christmas gift. We don’t want to make a list of our products in a hope to entice you to spend money. We are going to talk about what makes a Christmas gift special, even perfect. We are going to say things that, hopefully, will make you wonder how the person receiving the gift will feel when they unwrap the glossy paper.

What makes a perfect gift? In our mind is the emotional connection that can be made between the gift and the one giving the gift. We also believe that if it’s something that only the two of them share, adds to the “specialness” of the present.

Before deciding what to buy, think of the person you are buying the gift for. Did you have a moment that means a lot for both of you? Or maybe you can think of something that marked an occasion, like the flowers on the first date or on a birthday. Remember that moment and try to celebrate that priceless memory with a meaningful gift.

How to chose the perfect Christmas gift

Giving a Moon necklace to your mother might seem a bit strange and unrelated to Christmas, but it might bring back memories from a trip only the two of you took to the Science Museum in London, when you were just a child. A pair of butterfly earrings can make our other half remember the Butterfly House you visited in your honeymoon a few years ago. A fan piece of jewellery can make your aunt recall of the night when you went with her at the opera. A pansy brooch can mean a lot, much more than just a piece of jewellery, for your grandmother if you tell her it made you remember of the day when you helped her plant pansies in her garden.

Christmas is a time when we can come together and we nurture the things that bring us together in the first place. Think of a story, of a memory and this will make your gifts be truly special.

We hope we’ve inspired you to consider what makes perfect the perfect Christmas gift.