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New brooches

Today we are going to talk about the new brooches we’ve launched this year. We’ve made brooches for three of our established ranges: Fans, Autumn ivy, and Dark ivy. At the end of the post there are links to the items, if you want to see more details about them.

All these ranges have been in our collection for a few years. The fans are very popular because they have so many details. We always hear our customers commenting on that. We were asked to come up with brooches. This meant we had to find a new type of finding that would complement the design. It had to be particularly subtle, so not to detract from the details of the fans. We found the perfect solution in a pin that is also easy to attach. All our fans, including the Lace fans and the Victorian fans designs have now brooches.

New Brooches

A few years ago we had brooches for the dark ivy range. We’ve decided to stop making the brooches for a while. This year we’ve made a new model for the dark ivy brooch, using another arrangement for the leaves.

Both models of ivy brooches are made with three leaves each. We’ve used smaller leaves, to make the brooches feel more delicate. With them, we wanted to give the impression of the leaves you can see climbing up the walls of a stately home or an old fence. The idea to replicate the natural look was what we were thinking when we’ve made the brooches. The beautiful flow of leaves in nature is what we encapsulate in our design.
For these new brooches, we’ve used the same pins as for the fans. The pins are also barely visible, easy to use.

New brooches on Acdria

Available for Fans, Lace fan, Victorian fans, Autumn ivy, and Dark ivy designs.