/New Forget Me Not Jewellery

New Forget Me Not Jewellery

We are excited to talk about our new Forget Me Not jewellery. It will be available to buy from tomorrow on our website, see here. We’ve had the Forget Me Not design for a few years and it was appreciated by many of our customers. Please have a look at the reviews to see how much these pieces of jewellery can mean for some of our customers.

This week we are launching three new pieces to the current range. We think these three new pieces will complement the designs we already have, offering a wider choice.

New Forget Me Not Jewellery

For the first time, we’ve added brooches to the Forget Me Not range. We’ve been asked about them before, so we’ve created these two lovely pieces. Both brooches have a pin on the back, making them easier to put on.
The necklace is a statement piece, made from 6 flowers, arranged in a natural way. The inspiration for all the three new pieces of jewellery came this Summer. Our designers went for regular walks in a local park. They admired the ways the flowers were growing next to each other. Therefore, on these walks, they took pictures. Soon they started working on the new pieces, arranging the flowers again and again until they were happy with the way the brooches and necklaces look.

The new pieces are, like the rest of the items in the range, on Stainless steel findings. Of course, the new items will be sent in our branded boxes, like the ones you can see in the picture.

Let us know what you think about our new Forget Me Not jewellery pieces. We’ve love to hear from you, so, leave us a comment or send us an email. Your opinion matters to us. As we are thinking of every feedback we receive and we are taking it into consideration when we are designing new pieces of jewellery.