This Monday we are going to talk about pansies. We’ve launched the pansy range a few years ago.


Our designer did a bit of research regarding the pansies and found out some fascinating facts. This is what lead to creating the pansy range.

The history of the pansies

Pansy is a garden flower that is derived from viola. We are not sure how many people know this, but the pansies were created in the United Kingdom. Lady Tankerville, wife of Charles Bennet, 4th Earl of Tankerville, loved exotic plants and had many in her own greenhouses and gardens. Even an orchid was named after her.

Lady Mary Elizabeth Bennet, their daughter, cultivated every sort of viola tricolor she could procure at the start of the 19th century. Of course, she had the help of her Gardner, William Richardson. Via cross-breeding, she produced a large variety of plants. The new viola pansies were introduced to the horticultural world in 1812 with success. Another one of her passions was painting with watercolours. Some of her works can be admired at Belsay Castle, her home after marriage, now owned and managed by English Heritage.

The first reason in wanting to create a jewellery range inspired by pansies was that they look beautiful and they come in all sorts of amazing colour combinations. The second reason, after the research was made, is that it’s a quintessentially British flower.

In 2013 we’ve made our first pansies with all six colour combinations. Our designer loved all of clours so much, when she tried them, that all of them got into our collection. We’ve started with earrings, brooches, and necklaces. We’ve continued making new items, like the necklace with leaves. The studs were made at first as a special order, from one of our customers. We’ve made more and we’ve decided to include them in the range. Last year the bangle was the latest addition and it proved to be very liked by our customers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the pansies, its history and why we’ve chosen it for our collection.