/Purple Amaryllis

Purple Amaryllis

Last year we’ve created this wonderful new design of Amaryllis. This year we went further and we’ve added a new colour, making Purple Amaryllis jewellery. We think it looks amazing, a statement, but light and lovely to wear, as all our pieces of jewellery.

Purple Amaryllis

Amaryllis has an interesting history. It is a perennial flower that grows from bulbs. The breeding of the flower was made in late 18th century by Arthur Johnson, a watchmaker in Prescot, North-West of England. He shared his work with Liverpool Botanic Garden, just before his greenhouse caught fire. During the last two hundred years, Arthur’s hybrid was cultivated in the Americas. New species were sent back to Europe from South America. As an indoor plant in our climate, the species of flowers we have today in our home come from the South America’s tropical regions, but originate from England.

I think it’s fascinating that we were inspired by this gorgeous flower to create a range of jewellery, as Liverpool based designers, without knowing at that time its historical connection with the North-West and Liverpool in particular.


The Amaryllis comes in a variety of colours, but not in purple. That was our creative vision. We feel the light purple looks modern and romantic. Furthermore, its beauty is enhanced by the yellowish interior of the flower. The Purple Amaryllis in our collection is a statement piece as the pieces of jewellery are big and bold.

We think that the Amaryllis are great to wear on a warm Summer’s day with a light block colour dress, to show off the design. It’s what makes a simple dress look spectacular. Wearing a set like this one would make an outfit go from day to evening in a simple way.

Details about the Purple Amaryllis Pieces of jewellery:

Size of the pendant: 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Size of the flowers for the earrings: 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm
From our Stainless Steel collection. See more details on our website.

We hope you like our flowers. Let us know how would you pair these pieces of jewellery. We would love to hear (well, read) your thoughts.