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Mother’s Day

This month, in only a few days, there is a very special holiday: Mother’s Day. As we’ve mentioned in our other gift guides, for Christmas and Valentine’s Day we always suggest buying a gift that means something. It can mean something for the person that receives the gift or it can be a shared memory with the person that gives the gift.

Mother's Day ideas, including a Mothers Day gift, desserts, coffee/tea.

Our range at Acdria is extensive, flowers, butterflies, leaves, and more quirky collections of fans, Planets, feathers, and spiders. For today, we’ve picked our purple butterfly necklace on steel from our Blue Morpho design. The butterfly that inspired us to make this design is blue, as the name suggests it. As our pieces of jewellery are made by us, we can change the colours. The lavander puple colour is delicate and subtle. This makes it suitable for someone who would like to wear it at work, but doesn’t want a statement piece. There are other 4 more colours available in the range, so make sure you have a look if it’s a design that caught your attention.

Meanwhile, we share our 6 Easy steps to make your mother’s day more beautiful:

1. Don’t forget a card. There is plenty of time to get a card she will like. If you are crafty, make it yourself, the extra time spent on it will surely be appreciated.

2. Call her during the day. Even if you’ve already talked with her, an extra call will make her feel special, as she should.

3. If she loves gardening, instead of a bunch of flowers, get a potted plant for her. She will have it for longer and it will probably remind her of this day.

4. Prepare breakfast for her. If you don’t have time or are not comfortable cooking, get some pastry and heat them in the morning. Even a hot cup of tea or coffee would show her your love.

5. Wrap the gift nicely in wrapping paper. Add a ribbon and a bow to make it perfect.

6. Desserts. We do love desserts and we imagine most people do. Make sure you surprise your mother with something sweet, something she loves. Or, try something new if you know she is adventurous when it comes to food.

We, at Acdria, hope you and your mother will have a fantastic Mother’s Day celebration.